Facts About Needing a New Roof When Installing Solar Panels

Solar panels are great investment that could last up to 35 years, and would greatly help you save on your electric bill. A common question of consumer would be could their roof withstand time once solar panels are installed?

Installing solar photovoltaic panel
Male team engineers installing stand-alone solar photovoltaic panel system. Electricians mounting blue solar module on roof of modern house. Alternative energy concept.

Is replacing your roof a must before installing solar panels?

Consider having your roof assessed before installing solar panels to ensure that it can endure installation, especially if the roof is nearing the end of its life. If your roof is between five and ten years old and needs to be replaced, it’s a good idea to have an expert look at it.

Although there are rare exceptions, most solar firms do not provide roofing services. In either case, re-roofing is frequently done in conjunction with solar installations, and your solar contractor is likely to have strong recommendations for roofers in your region.

It’s a sensible choice to replace your roof before adopting solar if it’s found that it needs to be done. Most roofing materials are less durable than solar panels. As a result, when solar panels are used in conjunction with a roof replacement, the panels actually extend the life of the roof portion they cover.

Another advantage of combining solar and roof replacement is that if you’re putting on a new roof, you’re less likely to need to re-roof over the system’s lifetime. You can save money in the long term by avoiding the expenditures of removing and reinstalling solar panels on your roof.

Would solar panels be worth it if you need to re-roof?

Over the course of its lifetime, a typical solar system will save households tens of thousands of dollars. While the expense of re-roofing can be significant, the savings of adopting solar should more than make up for it in the long run, and there’s no better time to consider solar if you’re planning on re-roofing anyhow.

If planning to install a solar panel you could always ask for a free consultation provided by solar panel installers to assess if your roof would be capable for an upgrade. Also, you should consider adding solar panels when planning to re-roof since re-roofing is already a major project why not aim to have the best value for your money?